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Mercedes Gelendvagen rental services inDubai.

The legendary angular appearance, modern technology and a powerful gasoline engine are the main features of the famous Gelikas. This is a car with uncompromising German quality, an excellent level of comfort and excellent driving characteristics.

The sporty features of the Mercedes G-class are provided by all-wheel drive and an advanced automatic transmission. Inside there is a cozy leather interior, anatomical seats, a customizable multimedia system and smart climate control.

The «Carloson Club» company offers profitable rental of Gelendvagen in the city for any period. This solid SUV will perfectly emphasize the status of the driver or passenger in society. You can feel comfortable in this Mercedes:

  • in a busy city traffic;
  • on rough terrain;
  • at a business event;
  • at the celebration.

The manufacturer has taken maximum care of comfort, so even long trips or kilometer-long traffic jams will not cause inconvenience.

Do you want to personally experience the proven ergonomics, maneuverability and incredible off-road potential? Leave a request to rent a Gelendvagen on our website. More information about the service will be provided by CARLOSON's manager.