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Ford Mustang rental services in Dubai.

In 2017, the legendary Ford Mustang muscle car underwent a planned update, as a result of which the car received dramatic changes. Among them are improved styling, a modernized 317 hp engine, modern technical components and interior trim redesigned to resemble a “thoroughbred” sports car.

If you are looking for a powerful premium car that is guaranteed to attract the attention of others, then the Ford Mustang from CARLOSON will be an excellent choice. Renting a Ford Mustang will allow you to enjoy:

  • excellent handling;
  • modern electronics;
  • maximum comfort;
  • perfect security system;
  • extraordinary appearance;
  • maneuverability, dynamism and driving speed.

Ford Mustang can decorate any celebration and become an integral part of your image at a high-class event. This powerful and charismatic muscle car looks great in photos and videos, so it will be appropriate at weddings, corporate events, business meetings, anniversaries, parties and other events.

To advise on luxury car rental and rent a Ford Mustangin Dubai, call us or leave a request on the website.