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Do you dream of a reliable premium car, but can’t afford it yet? You can feel the overwhelming emotions and rapid heartbeat from driving the desired Mercedes without waiting for the purchase. All you have to do is rent a Mercedes GLS in the «Carloson Club» company, and an ordinary evening trip around the city will turn into an unforgettable journey.

Classic in modern times

The full-size crossovers of the German brand captivate with their fierce design and perfect technical characteristics. If you decide to rent a Mercedes GLS, you will appreciate its advantages:

  • A powerful engine that determines the dynamics of acceleration.
  • Perfect suspension, thanks to which uneven road surfaces will go unnoticed.
  • Intelligent relaxation system that automatically controls heated seats, climate control, audio.
  • High level of safety: speed control, emergency and emergency braking, comfortable parking.

Rent a Mercedes GLS inDubai.

Feel the full power of a luxury SUV! Leave a rental request on the website or by phone +7 (495) 374-82-04. Our cars are in perfect technical condition, so you will fully enjoy driving!