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BMW car rental in Dubai

BMW is a German automaker originally from Bavaria. Cars of this brand are famous for their reliable engines and excellent handling. In addition, they boast:

  • build quality;
  • interior finishing materials;
  • brutal design;

BMW cars owned by the company are equipped with all possible options. Therefore, the driver, together with the passengers, will feel as comfortable as possible.

The CARLOSON vehicle fleet is constantly updated, so in the future it is possible that new models from the Bavarian manufacturer’s line will appear.

How to draw up an agreement

Renting a BMW without a driver in Dubai is available only to persons over 22 years of age. In this case, driving experience must exceed 3 years. In other cases, the vehicle is provided only with a driver. When completing the contract, you must have a passport and a driver’s license with the appropriate category.

A pre-booking service is available on the website. To use it, you need to select a car, indicate the desired dates and make a prepayment of 50%. More detailed information can be found by phone or by filling out the feedback form.