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Car rental without a driver in Dubai

The CARLOSON company offers to your attention a large selection of cars for daily or long-term rental in the city. At your service are cars of various classes, from small comfort cars to luxury premium models and road monster sports cars. You can rent a car for a period of 1 day. To place an order, you only need a driver's license and a Russian passport.

Car rental conditions

We provide cars for rent to citizens over 20 years of age. The minimum required driving experience is 1 year.

If you do not meet any of our requirements, do not worry - we are always happy to offer you car rental services with a personal driver.


CASCO insurance in case of car theft or accident is included in the rental price.


We take great care of the technical condition of our cars, so some models have speed and daily mileage limits. These restrictions are reasonable enough for you to fully enjoy the quality and dynamics of the rented car.

Travel around the world with CARLOSON

We do not limit our clients to any specific territory. With our car you can travel both around Russia and any other country in the world.

Additional services

Car rental with driver

If for any reason you cannot or do not want to drive a rented car yourself, we are ready to provide a Company driver for any model presented in our catalog.

Premium Club

By becoming a member of our private club and receiving one of our club cards, you get access to advanced rental options such as no deposit booking, increased top speed, free refueling, etc. You can find out more about the CARLOSON premium club here.

Still have questions?

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