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Cabriolet rental in Dubai

A convertible is a car that makes the public fall into silent delight. Cabrio, like no other car, fills its owner with a unique feeling of inner freedom and drive, allows you to thoroughly enjoy the breath of the refreshing breeze rushing past, and gives you confidence in your own abilities and the future.

Many people dream of driving a Cabrio into their garage or going on a date in it, but only a few can afford such luxury.

CARLOSON offers a simple and elegant way to experience all the benefits of a premium convertible without owning one. We are talking about the service of renting a convertible without a driver or with a driver, which breaks all previous records of popularity with the onset of each new summer season.

Cabriolet rental in Dubai from the company CARLOSON

A convertible car rental service is the only possible option in a situation where a special and memorable event simply cannot and should not take place without a luxury car. For example, renting a luxurious white convertible is a win-win option for a first romantic date. This color is no less suitable for renting a convertible for a wedding or an exciting trip to the maternity hospital. A black convertible rental would be appropriate for an important business meeting. Renting a red convertible is a great solution for an enchanting glamorous party.

In fact, there are exactly as many reasons to rent a convertible car as there are bright and memorable events in your life. For its part, CARLOSON guarantees:

  • excellent prices for the rental service of a convertible without a driver or accompanied by one;
  • excellent technical condition of the convertible you are interested in renting;
  • professional assistance in choosing the best option for renting a convertible;
  • the possibility of providing the services of a professional driver for any period of rental of a convertible car;
  • the possibility of providing additional professional services when ordering a cabriolet rental for a wedding and other special events.

Our fleet

Unlike intermediary companies that enter into rental agreements for Mercedes convertibles and other prestigious cars with private car owners, CARLOSON is ready to offer you the opportunity to rent convertibles from your own garage. This approach allows:

  • keep cars in perfect condition;
  • guarantee to each client who wishes to rent a convertible in our garage in _city_p_ exact and complete compliance with contractual obligations;
  • provide the best quality of service at the most attractive prices (By the way, we note that renting a convertible for a day is much more profitable).We invite you to evaluate the capabilities of the best Cabrio cars - the “bestsellers” of the global automotive industry:

With or without a driver - that is the question?

It’s up to you to decide which rental option to choose – renting a car without a driver or renting a car accompanied by a real ace. In most cases, this is determined by common sense and the nature of the event, in connection with which you are interested in renting convertibles in the city. So, for example, it is absolutely clear that the groom and his immediate family should not drive on their wedding day. In this case, there is no point in renting a convertible without a driver. On the other hand, it’s still more tempting to rush along a country highway, accompanied by your chosen one, without strangers.

Well, it seems that everything is ready to rent you a convertible - the car of your dreams. Ask questions, call, place orders, we will be happy to help you implement your plans. Tel. for contact: +7 (495) 374-82-04

CARLOSON – everything is simpler than you think!