Citizens of the Russian Federation
Driver's license
Foreign citizens
Migration card/visa or entry visa

Minimum rental conditions

Age from 20 years
From 1 year of driving experience
Minimum prepayment when booking a car


Car insurance conditions

CASCO insurance in case of an accident or car theft is included in the price.

This insurance reduces the Lessee's liability in case of damage or theft of the car to the level of the deposit (collateral). This rule applies to all persons allowed to drive a vehicle under the rental agreement.

In the event of an accident for which the client is not the culprit, liability is 0 rubles.

There is an option "100% protection" in which the liability is equal to 0 rubles in any situation.

Are there mileage limits?

There really are limits, but this is only a consequence of the reverent attitude towards the technical condition of each car in our fleet. And they are different, depending on the class of the car.

First of all, we care about your emotions and sensations from each trip. We are confident that these limitations will inevitably be compensated by positive impressions.

What to do if a car malfunctions in another region of the Russian Federation?

The "Carloson Assistance" service provides round-the-clock technical assistance in more than 400 cities of Russia. Notify the manager about the problem and it will be fixed as soon as possible. If it is impossible to further operate the car, we will send you a car of the same class.

What should I do if I don’t have time to return the car on time?

You always have the opportunity to return the car 1 hour later than the time it was delivered under the contract, without additional payment. Or pay extra for additional rental hours. You can also use the car pickup service by our employee.

Are there any speed restrictions on a rented car?

We are concerned about your safety and the safety of our vehicle, and therefore we have recommended speed limits.

We assure you that these restrictions are sufficient to understand the dynamics of vehicle acceleration while moving quickly and safely.

Are there cameras inside the car and audio recording?

We are sensitive to each client and his personal space. We never install CCTV cameras or microphones.

Are there any restrictions on the area of operation?

We do not limit our clients to the territory of operation. By car you can move freely throughout the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Have a nice trip!

Is there a car delivery service?

We can deliver your car to anywhere in Moscow, around the clock. We can also send to any other city in the Russian Federation.

Is a deposit required?

In our company you can get absolutely any car without a deposit, if you purchase a full CASCO insurance.

The offer is valid for individuals and legal entities.

Is it possible to return the car early?

Of course you can. In this case, we will recalculate the rental cost based on the actual rental days.

Is there a car rental service with a driver?

Yes, we can provide a driver for any car in our fleet.

Payment Methods

Bank card

Discounts up to 30% with a club card

We have developed convenient club cards that provide additional discounts on car rentals, as well as various privileges. By becoming a member of the Carloson club, you can be sure that you will have the opportunity to rent the most anticipated new products, which we try to please customers with, being among the first to purchase in Russia

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