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Executive cars have a spacious interior, high-quality and expensive finishing materials, modern multimedia systems and a comfortable suspension. Most often, this term refers to sedans, but there are also crossovers and SUVs in this segment. Such cars are used both for everyday use and for business trips, weddings, and video shooting.

All models posted on the site were released no later than 2018 and are equipped with almost all possible options. The Carloson vehicle fleet is constantly updated, so new models may appear in the future.

How to arrange a rental in Dubai

Business class car rental with or without a driver is available only to persons over 22 years of age. In this case, driving experience must exceed 3 years. In other cases, the vehicle is issued only with a driver. To sign a contract you must have with you:

  • passport to confirm identity;
  • driver license.

The booking service is available after paying a deposit of 50%. For information about the cost, please contact the company’s managers; all telephone numbers are listed on the website. You can also leave a request via the feedback form.